A Pair o' Black Een. One neet as aw trudged throo mi wark,
Thinks aw, nah mi labor is done,
Aw feel just inclined for a lark,
For its long sin aw had onny fun.

An ov coorse awd mi wife i' mi mind,
Shoo's a hot en, but then, what bi that!
For when on a spree aw'm inclined,
Aw could nivver get on baght awr Mat.

Sally Slut wor a croney o' hers,
A bonny an warm-hearted lass,
An shoo'd latly been wed to a chap,
'At could booast booath some brains an some brass.

But someha, awr Mat seemed to think,
'At Sally, soa hansum an trim;
For a partner throo life owt to luk
Wi' somdy mich better nor him.

An shoo profiside trubble an care,
Wor i' stoor at noa far distant day,
An shoo muttered "poor Sal, aw declare,
Tha's thrown thisen reight cleean away."

As sooin as aw gate hold o'th' sneck,
Aw walked in wi' a sorrowful face,
Then aw sank like a hawf empty seck
Into th' furst seeat aw coom to i'th' place.

"Gooid gracious, alive! What's to do?"
Says Matty, "whativver's amiss?"
"A'a, lass! tha'll nooan think at its true, -
It's a tarrible come-off is this,"

"Tha knows Sally Slut, - A'a dear me!
To-day as aw went across th' green,
Aw met her, - an what should aw see, -
Why, shoo'd getten a pair o' black een,"

"That scamp! But aw'll sattle wi' him!"
Says Mat, as shoo threw on her shawl, -
"Aw warned her agean weddin Tim, -
But aw'll let him see; - sharply an all!"

Off shoo flew an left me bi misen,
An aw swoller'd mi teah in a sniff,
An aw crept up to bed, thear an then, -
For aw knew shoo'd come back in a tiff.

An shoo did, in a few minnits mooar;
An worn't shoo mad? nivver fear!
An th' laader aw reckoned to snooar,
An th' laader shoo skriked i' mi ear.

Tha thowt tha'd put me in a stew, -
But aw treeat sich like conduct wi' scorn!
But tha didn't fooil me, for aw knew,
Shoo'd black een ivver sin shoo wor born.

Shoo can booast ov her een, - that shoo can!
But shoo's nowt at aw envy, - net me!
Unless it's her bavin a man,
Asteead ov a hawbuck like thee.

A Pair o' Black Een. by John Hartley