Barnard Castle

Co. Durham, England

City/Town/Village: County Durham
District: County Durham
County: Co. Durham
Latitude/Longitude: 54.5435, -1.91876
Postcode: DL12 8PR
(postcode is for sat-nav purposes only, and may not represent the actual address of the castle)


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Set on a high rock above the River Tees, Barnard Castle takes its name from its 12th century founder, Bernard de Balliol. It was later developed by the Beauchamp family and then passed into the hands of Richard III. With fantastic views over the Tees Gorge this fortress sits on the fringe of an attractive working market town also known as 'Barney' so there is plenty to do for families on a day out. Try and spot Richard's boar emblem carved above a window in the inner ward or visit the 'sensory garden' of scented plants and tactile objects.
Adults: £4.20 from 1 Apr 2010
Children: £2.10 from 1 Apr 2010
Concessions: £3.60 from 1 Apr 2010
EH Member Cost: Free

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