Brough Castle

Cumbria, England

City/Town/Village: Brough
District: Eden
County: Cumbria
Latitude/Longitude: 54.5214, -2.32654


English Heritage

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Starkly impressive Brough Castle stands on a ridge commanding strategic Stainmore Pass, on the site of a Roman fort. Frequently the target of Scots raids, its towering keep dates from about 1200, and more comfortable living quarters were later added by the Clifford family, only to be accidentally burnt following a 'great Christmas party' in 1521. Like so many other castles hereabouts, Brough was restored in the 17th century by the Lady Anne Clifford, traces of whose additions can still be seen. St Michael's Parish Church, in pretty Church Brough near the castle, displays an exhibition about the region.
Adults: Free
Children: Free
Concessions: Free
EH Member Cost: Free

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