Deal Castle

Kent, England

City/Town/Village: Deal
District: Dover
County: Kent
Latitude/Longitude: 51.2186, 1.40508
Postcode: CT14 7BA
(postcode is for sat-nav purposes only, and may not represent the actual address of the castle)


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For a fascinating day out on the Kent coast look no further than Deal Castle. Built by the order of King Henry VIII it is one of the finest Tudor artillery castles in England, and among the earliest and most elaborate of a chain of coastal forts, which also includes Calshot, Camber, Walmer and Pendennis Castles. Today you can explore the whole of the castle, from the storerooms to the first-floor captain's residence. Take a walk around the defences and admire the squat, rounded bastions and canons. If you enjoy cycling, a pleasant cycle path links Deal and Walmer Castles along the beachfront.
Adults: £4.50 from 1 Apr 2010
Children: £2.30 from 1 Apr 2010
Concessions: £3.80 from 1 Apr 2010
EH Member Cost: Free

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