Pevensey Castle

East Sussex, England

City/Town/Village: Pevensey
District: Wealden
County: East Sussex
Latitude/Longitude: 50.8195, 0.338237
Postcode: BN24 5LE
(postcode is for sat-nav purposes only, and may not represent the actual address of the castle)


English Heritage

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Pevensey Castle is a great family day out in East Sussex, encompassing rich history and fun things to do and see for adults and children. With a history stretching back over 16 centuries, Pevensey Castle chronicles more graphically than any other fortress the story of Britain's south coast defences. Beginning in the 4th century as one of the last and strongest of the Roman 'Saxon Shore' forts, two-thirds of whose towered walls still stand. It was the landing place of William the Conqueror's army in 1066. During the century after the Conquest a full-scale Norman castle, with a great square keep and a powerful gatehouse, was built within one corner of the fort. In the 1250s the towered bailey wall was constructed, and soon put to the test during the great siege of 1264.
Adults: £4.50 from 1 Apr 2010
Children: £2.30 from 1 Apr 2010
Concessions: £3.80 from 1 Apr 2010
EH Member Cost: Free

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